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Oak & Awl is a somewhat accidental business.

Officially created in 2013 by Sim Bradley, a British photographer and designer who always liked to make things and tinker around in the workshop, he began making leather accessories for himself after being frustrated at trying to find a good slim wallet. After a year of people admiring and asking if they could buy the wallet, his camera strap, and other things, Sim decided to make some more of them and open a shop online.


From there, things kind of got out of control. People all over the world started buying the stuff, and it quickly became apparent that the plan of having a shop just to justify spending more time in the shed, had unintentionally turned into a fully-fledged business.


Now based in the forests of Quebec, Canada (read the journal for more about that) the line has expanded to folding camp stools, kitchen accessories and other items that enrich the look of your home.

With products shipped to 47 countries around the world, and a growing number of wholesale accounts, this is one accident that worked out quite well.

To talk about becoming a stockist for Oak & Awl, or for a custom order, get in touch via


Instagram - @OakAndAwl

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