Compact Camera Strap

Compact Camera Strap

You are not a geeky looking tourist. 
You don't want your camera hanging around your neck.
So why do you have that stupid big strap that's always getting in the way?

You need a nice neat, simple and elegant wrist strap that allows you to keep your camera safe from accidentally slipping out of your hand, and stops any nasty criminal types from snatching it away from you on the mean city streets.

This strap is made from a single piece of beautiful Horween Leather in a vibrant Italian Brown colour or the rich and silky Dark Brown, and also available in the rugged english 'Leaf' cow leather which improves with age and abuse.
  • Specifications

    • Simple design with minimalist slim profile
    • Hand-cut and riveted leather
    • Extra strong steel hardware designed for sea fishing (totally shark-proof!)
    • 15mm wide, 16cm long 
    • Looks so much better than a silly neck strap

Leather Color