Folding Camp Stool

Folding Camp Stool

Let's face it - sitting on the floor isn't a good look. So treat your behind with a soft leather seat on top of hardwood legs that will make any camping trip, hike, or backyard barbecue extra comfortable. 

This folding camp stool was originally designed as a seat in my workshop where space is limited, so I needed a strong and reliable stool that didn't take up any room when not in use. The stool has since turned into a traveling luxury that's easy to bring along anywhere with the leather carry strap to sling it over your shoulder. This strap also doubles up as a great place to lean your hatchet while chopping fire wood or whittling some cooking utensils in the wild.
  • Specifications

    • Simple and elegant design
    • Hand-cut and burnished leather seat
    • Solid Oak hardwood legs
    • Steel hardware to keep it all together
    • Leather adjustable carry strap keeps the legs closed and easy to transport
    • 26" tall when folded, 23" tall when seated

    A great gift for fathers, sons, brothers or general outdoor enthusiasts, it's also ideal for those without much outdoor space who want to sit outside in the summer but don't have space to store big chairs.

Leather Color