Leather furniture handles

Leather furniture handles

Leather handles for drawers, cabinets or any furniture you want to freshen up!
One cut of leather can be attached in 4 different ways, depending on your style.


The 7" handles are 7 inches long in total, with the holes spaced at 6 inches apart. That means when used with a standard 5 inch spaced mounting holes, they stand away from the cabinet with a good amount of space to put your hand in for the handle. 


Alternatively the 6" handles are shorter at 6 inch total with a 5 inch spacing, so if you want to loop them and use with one mounting hole, they are better suited for one finger pulling on the looped handle. 


For mulitple orders, please email us at shop@oakandawl.com and we will quote you the best price for the number of handles you require. 

Available in Black, Tan, Dark Brown or Italian Brown leathers

Part of the home goods range

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