Smart Phone Stand

Smart Phone Stand

Small and simple, yet genius. This piece of locally sourced oak has been drying naturally in my wood store for a few years and has reached it's prime. 

At only 8x7cm and 2cm tall, this clever piece of wood has a 10mm channel chiselled out of it that will support most smart phones and even larger tablets, everything from the iPad 2 up to the most recent incarnation.

Perfectly balanced and angled, this multi-purpose stand is ideal for holding your phone at night next to your bed, or skyping the folks back home on your tablet. There really is no need to buy multiple stands for your smart-tech, just get the right design and it will work for everything!

Each one comes finished with natural danish oils, and four non-slip adhesive rubber feet which come unattached so you can decide whether you like the simple low-profile look or the raised up elegant style.
  • Specifications

    - Made from local Oak
    - 8 x 7 x 2 cm
    - Treated with natural danish oils