Wooden Wallet & Card Case

Wooden Wallet & Card Case

SKU: 003
The epitome of style and the ultimate first impression to go with your awesome business cards, the Wooden Wallet is THE accessory for your pocket. 

Made from Walnut and Sweet Chestnut, this two-tone wallet & card holder will have every cashier, business associate and barman looking at you in awe. The first wallet I made for myself and the one that kick started Oak & Awl, simply because everywhere I took it out, people wanted to know where to buy one for themselves or their partner.

This sleek handmade case can hold 19 standard business cards, or 4 credit cards, 5 business cards and folded cash all in one stylish place. Held together with rare-earth magnets, all of your valuables are safe even when shaken upside down.
  • Specifications

    • Fits up to 19 business cards 
    • Alternatively holds 6 credit cards & folded cash
    • Rare Earth magnet keeps your stuff safe and concealed
    • Walnut panels joined with Sweet Chestnut batons
    • Hand-cut, joined, finished and oiled.
    • Looks and feels awesome, guaranteed to impress at the checkout
    • Heat branded with my Acorn logo
    • Add a presentation gift box to your order
    • 11cm x 8cm x 1.5cm

    The most popular item from Oak & Awl, it is a fantastic present for any guy, and an even better corporate thank you for your customers & clients. 

    Please Note: Some people have broken their case by sitting on it. Although designed to be as strong as possible, I would strongly recommend to NOT put it in your back pocket and sit on it! It is only wood - if a 300 year old oak tree can snap in the wind, then a 3mm piece of walnut can break from your ass sitting on it!