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Winter Is Coming

Since moving to Canada at the end of October, I have been waiting patiently for my favourite time of the year, when everything turns white - Winter.

When I first told friends I was moving to Canada, most people's first reaction was "Are you crazy, it's freezing cold there!" but this is exactly why I wanted to go. I hate hot weather; the sticky, humid, sweaty days and insomnia filled nights. Sure the warm water is a bonus for wakeskating and surfing, but every second spent outside of the water is excruciating.

Now winter, that's my kind of season. I don't mean the famous British winter where it rains every day as the temperature never drops below zero, I mean real winter. Temperatures of -25 degrees celcius, where the what-would-be miserable rainy days become beautiful snowy ones.

In this climate winter is a great time to be outside. You can snowboard (or ski if you want), snowshoe, skate on the frozen lakes and canals, trek for miles with snowshoes or explore the wilderness with cross-country skis. Just taking a walk to the post office to ship products to you fine folks is amazing! Ok, the 45-minute walk each way is a bit tough when you add 40kmph winds to the base temp of -20c, but as the great Ranulph Fiennes said - there's no such thing as cold weather, just inappropriate clothing.

Well after an extended autumn, today we finally had the first snow and with it brings the promise of great times. Sure, i'm gonna miss going out on the lake in my kayak every day, but when that lake freezes over it becomes the quickest route to walk to the post office, so every cloud and all that!

See you outside folks - sim

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